The American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

With the signing of the Treaty of Mercury and its ratification by Congress, the Order of Hermes was recognized as a quasi-foreign sovereign power, with magi of the Order holding effective dual citizenship with the United States. A group of the most influential magi who had participated in events leading up to and culminating with the Treaty founded the Covenant of the American Embassy of the Order of Hermes in Washington, D.C.

Consisting primarily of Jerbiton and Guernicus magi, the “Hermetic Embassy” also counts among its number Trianomae magi of House Bonisagus, and a sole, if incredibly influential Tremere. This covenant of magi is generally considered the heart of the Order in the United States, and their influence on US / Order relations cannot be understated.

Most magi are content to pursue their private studies and leave matters of mundane politicking to specialists. This has led to the curious state wherein a single covenant has enormously outsized mundane political power. In the 56 years since the Order was recognized, the Hermetic Embassy has grown to nearly thirty magi, including those in the Embassy’s New York chapterhouse and the newly-reopened Atlanta chapter. These magi are all celebrities in mundane society to various degrees. Those with the Gentle Gift are often to be found at Society events rubbing elbows with the great and powerful. Even those without the Gentle Gift often learn Mentem magic that permits them to interact with mundanes without penalty to their social capital.

What the magi of the Hermetic Embassy may lack in straightforward magical power they more than make up for in political and social power. Rival magi often grumble that the Embassy has turned the US Government into glorified grogs. The truth is not quite so blatant, but it cannot be argued that the Embassy could cause armies to march or wars to be declared if they so desired.

With the crushing of their only significant political rivals, namely the Confederate-allied Hermetic gentry of the south, notably the Savannah Covenant, the Hermetic Embassy stands alone as the Order’s most visible and connected Covenant.

Encountered Members

The American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

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