Sutter's Rock

Sutter’s Rock was able to amass a vast fortune by returning run away slaves to their owners in the south. They paid particular attention to returning runaway slaves with the gift or with other supernatural abilities. In preparation for the oncoming war, the covenant diversified into general tracking, bounty hunting and protected shipping.

Set on top a hill in north east West Virginia, Sutter’s Rock is a large compound consisting of an old style southern mansion that is reminiscent of the plantation manors of the deep south. The main house is surrounded by log cabins and a central longhouse as a common room and quarters for grogs and coven folk. The entire compound is surrounded by a hefty wooden palisade denoting the boundary for the covenant’s Aegis of the Hearth.


  • Seth Turner, House Flambeau
  • Eliza Turner, House Flambeau
  • Nathanial Greene, House Verditius
  • Stephan Harper, House Tremere
  • Brandon Toliver, House Merinita

Sutter’s Rock has opened a new “Chapterhouse” in rural West Virginia. The members of that chapter are:

  • Lorelei Winter, House Merinita
  • Sinister, House Merinita
  • Horace Dunwich, House Bonisagus
  • Belle Johnson, House Ex Miscellanea

Sutter’s Rock has copied the bulk of their library for Douglas Turner and his Hoplite associates:
Library of Sutter’s Rock

Sutter's Rock

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