Campaign Focus and Theme

This campaign will focus more on the band of hoplites venturing west to hunt down Hermetic outlaws than on the politics of the Tribunal and the covenants to the east. Therefore, players may feel free to invent their own parens and covenant / Hermetic boarding school of origin and I’ll work them all into the general background of the campaign. While Tribunal and covenant politics may well become a theme over the course of game-play, the campaign will start with relatively young and untested magi seeking their fortunes in the wild west.

Because of the action / adventure theme, certain systems have been changed, as noted under the Rules portion of this wiki.

I will be awarding Confidence Points at the beginning of each game session (3, or 5 with the Self Confident virtue, +1 with Wealth virtue) and will award “seasons” of experience at the end of each game session (typically 2, but sometimes more for a particularly eventful session with major story goals accomplished, and maybe less for particularly short games).

Unlike my prior campaign, Confidence Points are used solely for their purpose in the Ars Magica rules, namely granting a consumable bonus to a die roll. They cannot be used for additional Exposure XP. As noted in the Rules portion of this wiki, Confidence Points not used in a game session are lost with a new crop granted at the beginning of the next session.

Campaign Focus and Theme

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