Session Notes

JUNE 12, 2016:

In the mine:

JW casts a spell to detect magical residue. He senses the taxidermist’s trail, about 4th or 5th magnitude.

FEBRUARY 13, 2016:

Phineas loans Jamie a parcel of “Starter Necromancer” lab notes, for which Jamie pays 6 pawns of vis.

Several wizards search the regio and find necromantic thingies.

John Westfall randomly checks and sees that someone was scrying on Jamie!

A flying invisible person attacks us, causing a glass tree to explode. It then sucks up all the blood-stained glass and teleports away with arcane connections to each of us (except our bird lady).

A nice farmer takes us in after Jamie incites his religious inclinations. We rest a few weeks in his barn to recover and allow the horses to heal.

Trying to cast a spell to detect the location of my blood (Arcane Connection). Resolved that this is a Magnitude 10 spell. (Intellego 10 + Corpus 7 + Stamina 2 + Artes Liberales 3 + Philosophiae 2 = 24 casting bonus.) No good. Must be in an Aegis of the Hearth.

While waiting in the barn, the animal wizards go and look at the battlefield and find an infernal aura.

A couple of weeks into the wait in the barn, we are visited by a redcap matron. She tells us we were attacked by a trio of hermetic criminals (The Phillips Gang), a small covenant operating out of South Dakota. All are wizards marched, given to Mr. Foster’s group to pursue. The attack on us is a signature of theirs, an assassination style they sell out in mercenary fashion. (Did Foster’s group catch up to them and hire them?)

JANUARY 24, 2016:

Claremont is good with a rifle, able to “hit impossible targets from miles away.”

- Met with Claremont’s buddy (Mr. Ferral) who says Claremont is self-sacrificing. Decide to go and free Claremont’s wife who is being detained by the Quesitors? “Mrs.” Violet Claremont is almost the last method of contacting Suzanne Claremont.

- Met with Violet McGowen and Darius Gray (Mr. Disintegration). They (particularly Mr. Gray) suggest we go after Wendy Silverman, a target reserved only for those hunters of good reputation. We receive a wanted poster from him.

- Received letter of introduction to Amos Durham, leader of the political/justice tribunal in Philly. Arrived in town with a “big bear” causing a stir.

- We get a transcript of Mrs. Claremont’s brain from the local covenant. Mr. Foster of the Setting Sun covenant probed Mrs. Claremont’s brain. These hopelites have been released back into the wild. My plan is to treat Mrs. Claremont well. Her mind could have been altered. The Claremonts had a very significant ritual wedding that all the Criamon took very seriously.

- Douglas and Elisavet both get Wizards Wars declared on them by their Enemies flaws.

- We find Claremont by taking her wife home. She offers to disappear and destroy her gift. Douglas Turner won’t go along with the plan. We let her escape.

- Turner finds Claremont that night and, after a conversation, changes his mind. We go through with the plan. Back to D.C.!

Split Vis for Jamie: Perdo x 1, Corpus x 5, Mentem x 1, Terram x 3, Vim x 5

Went to the Black Mt. Covenant, talked to Finius the Tremere keeper who makes sure the vis sources are tended on behalf of House Tremere. Learned that Wendy Silverman is dead, bound to her own corpse.

DECEMBER 5, 2015:

- The chase group rides out of town for an hour and sets up camp. A pursuer followed only 45 minutes to make sure they were leaving town. The chase group (Elisavet) kills a spying familiar, which sends Granny (our quarry in disguise) into confiding in the flight group. They see through his/her rouse and “get her.” She almost escapes, Benny Hill banjos play, but they catch up and knock him out. Then they replace his sanctum sigil with their own and walk out of the sanctum with a naked wizard!

We win!

Getting back, we find that the Tytalus-led group went after Claremont and kidnapped her wife. The whole town rose up and killed one of those wizards. Another was killed by a long-rifle shot (presumably magus Claremont).

Blind bids for the claimed territories:

  • 50 pawns from the new covenant
  • 1 copy of every book in their library to be delivered when complete (list of texts, about 27 books of significant magic and an assortment on mundane and magical skills by end of summer) from Sutter’s Rock
  • 30 pawns and the personal services of 2 gifted lab assistants from Shanandoa

The second round of bids:

  • 30 pawns and the 27 tomes (generalist) + mundane books in Sutter’s Rock’s library!!!—
  • 30 pawns and a selection of highlights of library (more significant than Sutter’s Rocks generalists tomes)

NOVEMBER 21, 2015:

Vis Division: Mina (Im, Im, Im, Me), Douglas (Pe, Pe, Pe, An), Jamie (Co, Co, Co, Co), Elisavet (Mu, Mu, Me, Co), John (Pe, Pe, An, An)

A High Society Gathering by the Senator (& wife Evelin) McFarland, to Celebrate the Success of Trombley’s Raiders:

- J. Westfall “introduces” himself to an important senator by way of overbearing hound-related conversation
- D. Turner talks up a member of The Setting Son, Mr. Foster, who is looking to set up a competing group of wizard hunters. Mr. Foster will lead the group of newly gauntleted magi.
- D. Turner has close words with J. Trombley, taking issue with his bugle charge.
- D. Turner talks about a vision of the Setting Son’s bounty hunters getting a town offed because they went after Susan Claremont. The Sons will be brutal, kidnapping mundanes to lure them out.
- J. Westfall lures a child (young man, Emerson) outside of the party with parlor tricks
- J. Trombley speaks to Violet McGowan about the Setting Son.

On the Road to Find Jonah Wylie

- We’re attacked by ice faeries that want revenge for Elisavet having killed one of their allies (a Merinita?) Elisavet and Mina are moderately wounded and we take a week camping rough to allow them the time to recover.

- In the third (of four towns) we discover something! The town is running an underground railroad of sorts, to sneak Southern magi out. The two “fugitives” are taken into a regio (magical aura of 1). The rest of us aren’t too far behind.

Session Notes

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