Wendy Silverman

Rogue Tremere Necromancer




Wendy Silverman of the Black Mountain Covenant of Arkansas was wanted for crimes against the Code, including instigating mundanes to the detriment of her sodales, slaying her sodales outside of duly declared Wizard’s War, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, aiding an Enemy of the Order, attacking an Ally of the Order, and endangering the Order.

Wendy Silverman was a talented necromancer and master of Corpus and Mentem forms, with a balanced approach to her techniques.

Wendy Silverman was one of the rare Tremere to rebel against her House’s decision to back the Atlantic Coast Tribunal over its splinter Dixieland Tribunal. Her entire covenant of mixed Tremere and Verditius magi sided with the confederacy, and was declared disbanded and illegal by act of Tribunal. A force of Guernicus and Tremere magi took the Black Mountain Covenant by surprise in the waning months of the war and killed or captured all of them except for Wendy, who was out in the field gathering resources.

With nowhere to go, Wendy sought a battlefield-regio in which to complete a ritual suicide that would capture her spirit in her own preserved corpse, rendering her technically dead, but also immortal, in hopes that this would enable her to dodge certain magic used to pursue her. In late-Autumn of 1868 she was chased into her regio by a band of hoplites led by Captain Trombley, but in fleeing from them, ran right into a second band of hoplites led by Maximilian Foster. This latter band was able to destroy her body, capturing the crown and the orb containing her spirit.

Wendy Silverman

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