Suzanne Claremont

Idealistic Warrior-Mystic




Suzanne Claremont, of the North Ridge Covenant of Pennsylvania, was wanted for crimes against the Code, including instigating mundanes to the detriment of her sodales, slaying her sodales outside of duly declared Wizard’s War, depriving her sodales of their magical power, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, molesting the fay to the detriment of her sodales, and endangering the Order.

Suzanne Claremont followed the “Path of Strife” and was a preternaturally skilled shot with a long-rifle, known to hit impossible targets from miles away. She was also a skilled practitioner of Perdo and Intellego techniques, and had alliances among the fae and natural spirits.

A rare northern maga Marched by the Tribunal, her acts during the conflict were particularly heinous. She is known to have permanently destroyed vis sources used by southern covenants, which despite being declared enemies, deprived those sources from the victorious North as well. She used her mysteries to commune with natural spirits and fay creatures to afflict and harry confederate magi, and slew a number of them in cold blood, often without regard for whether they were actually taking part in hostilities. These crimes could have been overlooked with lesser sanctions but for the Oakley Massacre, where in the course of a single hour she killed every living thing inside a 3000 foot diameter circle, which included the entire farmstead of Oakley, Virginia, and the entire Confederate garrison therein.

Her Wizard’s March was mostly a matter of politics. Everyone agreed that the Oakley Massacre shocked mundane leaders and foreshortened the war by a matter of months, and the Tribunal even accepted as given that Claremont’s reasons were sound. Nevertheless, someone needed to publicly pay for her wartime acts. She was confirmed “taken care of” by the band of hoplites under the command of Captain Trombley in the Autumn of 1868.

Suzanne Claremont

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