Mina Coral Hagadorn

Lakota American Woman


Mina’s Journal


A woman born to a European father and a Lakota mother. She grew up in two worlds never really belonging to either.


Name: Mina Coral Hagadorn House: Ex Miscellanea

Age: 20; Gender: Female; Size: + 0


Confidence: 1; Decrepitude: ??; Warping: ??

Personality Traits: Humble, Forthright, Aloof, and Steely

Reputations: -2 with Whites

Characteristics: Intelligence +1; Perception 0; Strength +1; Stamina +3; Presence -2; Communication 0; Dexterity +1; Quickness +1

Virtues: Shapeshifter, Elemental Magic, Animal Ken, Dowsing, Inoffensive to Animals, Wilderness Sense, Warrior, Puissant (Auram)

Flaws: Restriction to casting in permanent buildings, Wrathful (Setting Son), Outsider (Half-native), Diurnal (-1 from midday until dusk), Humble, Hedge Wizard, Close Family Ties

Abilities: Native Language, Living Language, Latin, Charm, Magic Theory, Artes Liberales, Org. Lore: Order of Hermes, Parma Magica, Penetration, Concentration, Shapeshifter, Animal Ken, Animal Handling, Ride, Wilderness Sense, Dowsing, Survival, Stealth, Swim, Brawl, Bows, Dominion Lore, Faerie Lore, Infernal Lore, Magic Lore.

Arts: Creo 10; Auram 4/7; Imaginum 3

Spells: Clouds of Rain & Thunder, True Sight of the Air, Whispering Winds, Jupiter’s Resounding Blow, Phantasmal Animal (Flock of Birds), Cloak of the Foggy Moors, Flash of the Scarlet Flames

Equipment: Short Bow, Daggers, and a Hide Cloak (Leather Quality)

Personal Items: The Gaze of Heaven (Auram Book, Lv8 Qu10)

Mina Coral Hagadorn

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