Jonah Wylie

Hermetic Dentist, Executed Criminal




Jonah Wylie, of the Covenant of Savannah, was wanted for crimes against the Code, including instigating mundanes to the detriment of his sodales, depriving his sodales of their magical power, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, aiding an Enemy of the Order, attacking an Ally of the Order, and endangering the Order.

Jonah Wylie was renowned for the fabrication of minor magical items, commonly surgical or dental instruments, invested with a variety of corpus effects. He was known to be a master of corpus, as well as a skilled practitioner of mentem and imaginem.

Jonah enthusiastically created minor-enchanted weapons for the confederate army in the early days of the war, often with the implied understanding that the recipients would prioritize attacking / sacking northern covenants, hauling off their vis stores and delivering them to Jonah so he could make more weapons. He did so unapologetically, even after the Tribunal decision denouncing the southern covenants and declaring the confederacy “enemies of the Order.”

Jonah Wylie was captured alive by a band of hoplites led by Captain Trombley in the Summer of 1868.

Jonah Wylie

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