James "The Taxidermist" Waldorf




James “The Taxidermist” Waldorf, an itinerant magus, is wanted for crimes against the Code, including instigating mundanes to the detriment of his sodales, scrying upon his sodales, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, dealing with devils, aiding an Enemy of the Order, attacking an Ally of the Order, and endangering the Order.

James Waldorf is part of an Irish Ex Miscellanea tradition known as the Damhadh-Duidsan, a tradition that goes back to the founding of the House, and one that causes a great deal of suspicion among quasitoris. During the Civil War he acted as a con man / mercenary, seeking hospitality at neutral covenants in war-contested areas and abusing that hospitality to spy out defenses and weaknesses, sometimes even subtly “cursing” the inhabitants, all on the payroll of other magi from the north AND the south, who would subsequently take advantage of the intelligence gathered to attack and sack the covenant.

He is known to be skilled in Corpus magic, as well as the non-Hermetic talents of his tradition.

James "The Taxidermist" Waldorf

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