Clyde Farnsworth

Fugitive Mercenary




Clyde Farnsworth was wanted for crimes against the Code, including slaying his sodales outside of duly declared Wizard’s War, depriving his sodales of their magical power, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, aiding an Enemy of the Order, attacking an Ally of the Order, and endangering the Order.

Clyde was an adherent of the School of Vilano, and was a master of Rego magic and was skilled in the elemental forms as well as Herbam.

Farnsworth was a combatant for the south during the war. He killed many mundane soldiers with environmental hazards, but focused primarily on killing any Northern wizards he could find and looting their bodies.

Farnsworth was captured alive by hoplites under the command of Captain Trombley in the Spring of 1868, and executed for his crimes.

Clyde Farnsworth

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