Trinity Code


The Trinity Code Covenant runs the Trinity Code Academy, a boarding school that takes in Gifted children as well as others who have magical or supernatural talents. Many of these children, especially those with the Gift, are orphans who live at the school until their graduation. The Academy will also tutor mundanes who are interested in magic theory, or have an immediate family member who is Gifted.

All members of the Covenant itself are referred to as Faculty and comprise the Academy’s Board. Because of the expansive Library and the variety of students, there are always several Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers in residence at any given time. There may also be Adjuct Professors or Scholars in residence at any given time.

Covenant Titles

Administrative Faculty – The Covenant member who acts as the spokesperson and contact point of the Covenant, often to both the mundane world and the Order of Hermes. This member must attend all Tribunals and is responsible for reporting the proceedings to members of the Covenant who do not attend.
Librarian Faculty – Covenant member(s) in charge of the whole of the Library, including an inventory of mundane books assigned to students for coursework. They are also responsible for arranging the acquisition, trade, and scribing of the Covenant’s written resources. This position may fulfill the Covenant Charter’s teaching requirements by managing and training Library Associates.
Outreach Faculty – Covenant member(s) who interact frequently with mundane society and serve as the image of the Covenant and the Order in the area. Sometimes this position taken on by the magus, and sometimes the mundane community decides which Covenant member they prefer to interact with. Those with this title may be exempt from the Covenant Charter’s teaching requirements.
Preceptor Faculty – The Covenant member who helps place newly graduated students, including newly Gauntleted magi, into their professional field. Requires contacts and knowledge of both the mundane and Hermetic society.
Research Faculty – A Covenant member who is temporarily exempt from the Covenant Charter’s teaching requirements due to full-time research duties assigned to them by the Covenant.
Teaching Faculty – Most Covenant members act as full-time teachers at the Academy, which, depending on interpretation, either automatically meets the Covenant Charter’s teaching requirements, or negates it.
Faculty Emeritus – A rare title given to members of the Covenant who are deemed incapable of fulfilling their teaching requirement due to age or Twilight effects.

Covenant Members

Edmund_Grimsley.jpg Edmund Grimsley House Tremere Administrative Faculty
Tabitha_Jardine.jpg Tabitha Jardine House Mercere Librarian Faculty
Sophronia_Allerton.jpg Sophronia Allerton House Bonisagus Preceptor Faculty
Nathaniel_Carter.jpg Nathaniel Carter House Jerbiton Outreach Faculty
Inge.jpg Inge “The Weather Witch” House Ex Miscellanea Outreach Faculty
Vernon_Barwick.jpg Vernon Barwick House Guernicus Teaching Faculty
Martha_Tolbert.jpg Martha Tolbert House Mercere Teaching Faculty
Levi_Lewis.jpg Levi Abraham Lewis House Ex Miscellanea Teaching Faculty
Barnabas_Fairfax.jpg Barnabas Fairfax House Flambeau Teaching Faculty
Ava_Carter.jpg Eva Carter House Jerbiton Teaching Faculty
Reinhold_Sapienti.jpg Reinhold Sapienti House Bonisagus Administrative Faculty Emeritus

Non-Covenant Titles

Library Associate – An individual who assists the Librarian Faculty with the whole of the Library for either a term appointment or Season-to-Season appointment. May or may not be Gifted.
Visiting Professor – A Magus in residence to teach a specific class, class series, or tutor a specific student. Temporary lab space and Library access provided. May be subject to negotiation.
Visiting Scholar – A Magus in residence with a non-teaching exchange for access to the Library. Subject to negotiation.
Adjunct Professor – The Filius of a Covenant member who teaches or tutors full-time for a specified term. Temporary lab space and Library access provided. Subject to negotiation.
Adjunct Scholar – The Filius of a Covenant member who teaches or tutors one Season or more in a year in exchange for access to the Library. Subject to negotiation.

William_Dabney.jpg William Dabney House Mercere Library Associate, Senior
John_Armistead.jpg John Armistead n/a Library Associate
Catherin_Causer.jpg Catherin Causer n/a Library Associate

Trinity Code

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