Setting Son

Setting Son is a controversial covenant consisting mostly of Tytalus and Ex Miscellanea magi. They have pushed the boundaries of what is considered a reasonable number of “chapters”, spreading their influence across the American West, gobbling up vis and other magical resources as they go.

Setting Son’s typical methods involve targeting native settlements, holding them hostage until they reveal their shamans or holy figures, who are then impressed into the Order under its “Join or Die” policy. Setting Son then claims legal ownership over any and all magical resources exploited by that settlement. The Covenant then leaves their new members behind (with suitable covenant oversight) to tend the magical resources, calls them “Chapters”, moves on to the next target. This results in dozens of “Chapters” of Setting Son scattered across the Louisiana Purchase territories harvesting vast amounts of vis for covenant magi through effectively enslaving poorly-trained new members of Ex Miscellanea.

This approach has created a lot of bad blood with magi sympathetic to native wizards, including other factions within Ex Miscellanea, Bjornaer, Merinita, and some Bonisagus. There have been guerrilla strikes to free Setting Son’s “new members” from bondage, training them properly in Hermetic law and theory. There is a small but growing number of ex-Setting Son magi who press constant legal claims against the covenant when they’re not declaring Wizard’s War.

Encountered Members:

  • Maximilian Foster of House Tytalus
  • Horse of House Ex Miscellanea
  • Zachariah Smith of House Tytalus (Transportation Specialist)
  • Tiberius Cole of House Tytalus (Cursed Invalid)

Setting Son

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