Round Lake Covenant

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Round Lake Covenant is technically not yet a covenant, but rather a former Chapter of Setting Son in the high-altitude Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. A band of Hoplites tracked the criminal James “The Taxidermist” Waldorf to this small snowbound valley dominated by a roundish lake where they discovered that he had, effectively, subverted the local magi.

In conversation with the three Ex Miscellania members of the Ute tribe, the Hoplites discovered that they knew little to nothing of the ways of the Order, had never been taught the Parma Magica, and were effectively the magical slaves of Tiberius Cole of House Tytalus, who was participating in his Covenant’s customary policy of inflating the Covenant’s numbers with poorly-trained, rapidly admitted Ex Miscellanea native magic users. Tiberius himself was invalid thanks to a curse laid down by Waldorf, who did so as a favor to the native Ex Miscellanea to permit them to return to their magical practices without interference.

The Hoplites, confronted with evidence of Hermetic Crimes, offered the native Ex Miscellanea a real Hermetic education as well as political protection in exchange for them turning on Waldorf and permitting them to do their duty. The three agreed, and Waldorf was slain. Tiberius Cole was taken into custody pending Hermetic legal proceedings, and the Hoplites are currently engaged in the political act of severing Round Lake from Setting Son and founding it as a covenant to act as their own base of operations.

Round Lake Covenant

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