The Hermetic Wild West

One Down



There appears to have been some sort of conflagration on the north shore of our lake. That stranger that lives up that way appears to have come under some sort of attack. I heard the sound of a bugle charge, but I could only see one man from my vantage. He may have had confederates in the trees, as the north shore was taken by a rapidly-spreading fire.

What came next I can hardly credit. It may be that my sight was not keen enough, but it appeared from the other side of the lake that the trees themselves were moving, fighting. If so, this certainly confirms my earlier suspicions that our neighbor is one of them Hermetics.

The fire was snuffed by nightfall, and I saw the bugle-blower taking a bound man into the trees and away from the lake. I’ll head across the water in the morning to check it out.


To My Esteemed Colleague,
Reginald McCurry,
House Guernicus,
The American Embassy of the Order of Hermes


I write to inform you that a band of Hoplites led by the renowned Captain Trombley has arrived here at the Lexington Court of Hermetic Justice. They dropped off the Wizard’s Marched criminal, Mr. Clyde Farnsworth, who they had managed to take alive, and transport across the mountains despite two of their number having suffered grievous wounds. Mr. Turner especially seemed worse for wear, having broken a not-insignificant number of ribs in the criminal’s apprehension. We will be securing and transporting Mr. Farnsworth to you once we can ensure proper magical security aboard a prison transport train car.

As for Captain Trombley’s company, they have indicated they would be making their own way to you, having need of a small errand upon the way. With good fortune, you’ll have your public event, and the public’s confidence in our abilities to bring our own criminals to justice will be secured.

Yours Truly,
Tybalt Cornelius Watts,
House Guernicus,
Lexington Court of Hermetic Justice

To Ms. Jane Loveless,
House Merenita

Dear Ms. Loveless,

I am writing with the purpose of bringing you the glad news that a capable team of Hoplites has brought the criminal Mr. Farnsworth to justice. Among the items recovered were the wand and the necklace you specified in your claim to Tribunal. There was some small concern as to proper identification. Although you identified both items by physical composition, the claim did not include any reference to invested effects or even the arts associated with these items. Nevertheless, it was the only oak-wood wand capped with onyx, and the only unshaped obsidian necklace on a silver chain recovered from Mr. Farnsworth’s effects, and so I am confident that these are the self-same items that belonged to your parens. The items have been shipped along with this note. If there is any irregularity, please do let me know.

As to Mr. Farnsworth, it may please you to know that he was taken alive, and subsequently shipped here to Washington, D.C. where he stood at a public hearing, where his crimes were listed before the public. He as much as admitted to them, whereupon his sentence of death was carried out by Mr. Gray of House Tremere.

Reginald McCurry,
House Guernicus,
The American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

3 Seasons Awarded
12 pawns Herbam (divided)
2 pawns Muto (divided)
5 pawns Perdo (divided)
3 pawns Animal (divided)
5 pawns Corpus (divided)
3 pawns Imaginem (divided)
2 pawns Mentem (divided)
1 glazed ceramic tile (minor invested item, sold)
1 rifle talisman (sold)
1 Saddlebags (enchanted to be elements-proof, preserves contents from decay)
1 wand (ash wood topped with amber, enchantments unknown)

The Hunt Begins



I hope you’ll forgive this letter, coming unsolicited as it may, to assure you that your concerns as raised in the legislature of our good country are being well-addressed.

In this era of reconstruction, we all must look to our own houses, the Order included. While your Pinkertons scour the west for errant criminals of war, our own Hoplites do the same to bring those who have violated our dear Code of Hermes, as well as the laws of the land, to justice.

You have expressed doubts, sir, that the Order is capable of doing proper justice to our own. You seek to legislate judicial oversight over our own Quaesitoris to ensure that we do not, in your words, “use dread sorcery to aid the guilty in escaping due and proper justice.”

I can assure you, sir, that our House Guernicus and their Quaesitor assistants from the other Houses, have over a thousand years of experience in ensuring the peace and stability of our Order through the application of our justice system.

I know it galls you, sir, that we hold ourselves aloof from the institutions and authority of the United States. I would put to you that it is a necessity not a privilege. No constabulary could hold a magus who did not choose to be held, no court could be deemed truly fair and unbiased when once considers the possibility of magic affecting the jury. Furthermore, no jury truly constitutes a body of our peers.

It is a fact that only magic can counter magic. Teams of well-trained hoplites even now scour the land for these criminals. Our keenest investigators are setting forth. I have every confidence that soon you will bear witness to the trial and due punishment of these fiends.

Yours most Sincerely,
Ms. Violet McGowan
The American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

Quaesitor McCurry:

What surveillance I’ve been able to employ on Colonel Trombley’s team without violating the Code seems to indicate that they are making for Tennessee, and thus Mr. Farnsworth’s location. The good Colonel clearly likes his chances against a talented wizard of war to buypass the closer, and arguably easier target of Mr. Wylie. They appear to have gathered Mr. Westphal to their ranks, at least judging by the eye-witness reports of an immense bear traveling with them across Virginia. I shall make further inquiries in a week in an effort to gauge their progress.

Darius Gray
House Tremere


The wife and son are well, to answer what is doubtless your first question. I know you disapproved of my plan to take my family far into the wilds of eastern Tennessee, but the horrors of the war that linger in my thoughts and nightmares will only be purged through the clean air and fresh water’s of God’s nature.

There have been some oddities, I will admit. Our closest neighbor is, like me, a veteran of the war of northern aggression, and like me, fought for the south. He has given me little more, and has a surly and unpleasant disposition. He has settled at the far side of the lake which provides such bounty of fish for our provenance. I have never seen a log cabin built with the speed at which his rose. From what I could see from the fishing boat, the logs practically moved themselves. I have a deep and abiding suspicion that the gentleman is one of those wizards of the Order, doubtless seeking the same solitude and healing as I seek. He makes my skin crawl, and so I have no problem giving him his space. The lake is reasonably large, and I have no need to go to his side of it.

Earlier today, the boy and I went out fishing when the damnedest thing occurred. A storm appeared from a sky that had given no indication of storming. It drove us to the shore whereupon it suddenly stopped as if it had never been. The next thing I recall, me, the missus, and the boy awoke, all lying comfortably in the cabin. There was the sound of gunfire from across the lake, and other, more terrible sounds. We have holed up until it passes, and I’m spending the time writing this letter so as to keep the terrors that come suddenly upon me from manifesting. I doubt I shall ever send this letter, as I do not wish you to worry unduly about us out here. It sounds like things are quieting from across the lake in any event.

I remain,
Your Loving Son,

2 Seasons awarded


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