The Hermetic Wild West

The Bear of King's Peak


Mr. Maximilian Foster
Quaesitor of House Tytalus
Covenant of the Setting Son


Thank you for your query, but I assure you everything here at our covenant’s King’s Peak chapter is well in hand. Indeed, those hoplites you mentioned brought word of a challenge worthy of our covenant and our House arising here in the Utah territories.

It would appear that a rogue Bonisagus has converted to Mormonism, even going so far as to marry Brigham Young, and that for decades she has been training apprentices in some fusion of Hermetic and divine magic without gauntleting them into the Order or swearing them to the Code. These rogue Mormon magi are engaged in an enterprise to bring about their version of heaven here on earth by seizing various magical regionnes about the borders of Utah and, through powerful divine ritual magic, converting them to their ultimate purpose of turning all of Utah into a regio, the promised land of Deseret.

As you well know, our King’s Peak Chapter sits upon the border, and controls a potent regio, namely the cave of the Great Bear, a figure out of native myth and legend whom these Mormon magi seek to slay or convert to their religion. We have fought them off once already, but they are massing for another attempt.

Some months ago, your good friend Colonel Trombley managed to embed associates into this renegade order, including a certain mad Merenita named Gibbs who serves the local contingent of the Nauvoo legion. With the aid of these hoplites you were kind enough to inquire about, we made clandestine contact with Gibbs. John Westphal, now calling himself “Hesesiwox”, managed to play to Gibbs’ particular madness, bringing him to our camp as a spy. The various faerie creatures he has created to watch and harass us will turn upon the Legion at an opportune moment.

We plan now our assault, using a mix of surprise attack, assassination, and frontal attack. It is our aim to kill or capture the magi with the garrison, without whom the ordinary soldiers will be helpless. We particularly seek to slay the one among them thought to be able to perform the ritual that summons the Mormon “angel” (or whatever) necessary to seize and convert the regio of the Great Bear to their Mormon purpose.

I have every confidence in the success of our endeavor, and will arrange for a letter once the matter is concluded.

Silvio Martinez
House Tytalus
King’s Peak Chapter of Setting Son



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