The Wanted of the Nauvoo Legion




A number of Wizard’s Marched magi sought refuge in Utah Territory throwing themselves on the mercy of Brigham Young and his Mormons. Young’s power in Utah regularly defies the federal US government and adding Hermetic magi to the ranks of the faithful (and the ranks of his territorial militia, the Nauvoo Legion) does a great deal to solidify his power.

There are four Marched magi and one renegade known to have sought sanctuary among the Nauvoo legion. There may be more.

  • Francis “Fuzzy” LaRue of House Jerbiton styled himself as a Baptist minister during the Civil War. His piety was always somewhat in doubt, and he has doubtless converted to Mormonism with the same depth of belief as he once applied to his Baptist faith. He is a con man with limited magical ability. He was Marched primarily for looting the magical resources of covenants on both sides of the war.
  • Hyrum Masters of House Tytalus is a deadly gunfighter whose magic focuses on augmenting his physical abilities and protecting him from return fire. He was Marched for slaying magi outside of Wizard’s War during the war.
  • Sister Irma Germaine Meyers of House Flambeau is a Mormon true believer and an early convert. She was Wizard’s Marched prior to the civil war for crimes having nothing to do with the attempted Dixieland Secession. Her crimes include: dealing with mundanes to the detriment of her sodales, scrying on her sodales, robbing her sodales of magical power, and dealing with devils (although this last charge is questionable)
  • Rickenbacher “Toot” Sweet of House Ex Miscellanea is a Creole warlock wanted for acts of violence and murder against the Louisiana Priory prior to the war, including “theft of magical resources”. He is a spirit magus who freed a great many Gifted slaves from their magus owners. Hunting him became less of a priority when the war broke out.
  • Blacky Aston of no House is one of those escaped Gifted slaves. He was never technically an apprentice and never gauntleted. He is thought to be loosely affiliated with the Brotherhood of Broken Chains.

The Wanted of the Nauvoo Legion

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