The Croatan

House Bjornaer, Praeco of the Atlantic Coast Tribunal


The Croatan is a halfbreed Native who appears to be old, but nowhere near his two and a half centuries.


The Croatan’s original name has been lost to history, and he has never told anyone what it is. He chose his current epithet in honor of the tribe to which he was born, which went extinct due to smallpox and other European epidemics in the early 1600’s. He is the only remaining member of that tribe.

Although he has never confirmed it explicitly, he has never denied that he is the halfbreed son of a Croatan mother and a European father from the colony of Roanoke, born sometime between 1588 and 1620.

His Hermetic lineage is much easier to trace. He is the filius of Robert Guillarme, a Bjornaer with an adventurous temperament who sailed with Sir Walter Raleigh. Guillarme was one of those rare Bjornaer with more than one heart-beast, one of which was a fin whale. He was Raleigh’s secret weapon in the complex colonial politics of the late sixteenth century, granting the sailor and adventurer a number of advantages in his journeys.

Guillarme stopped sailing with Raleigh in 1590, choosing instead to explore the coastal areas of the new world, only rarely contacting other European settlers and, for the most part, “going native.”

At some point in the early 17th century he found the young halfbreed, born to a dying tribe, and took him as an apprentice.

The Croatan stays out of Hermetic politics, for the most part, preferring to keep the role of Praeco a mostly ceremonial one. He did make a number of pointed political criticisms of the seceding Dixieland Tribunal, and the Hermetic split over the Civil War in general, and backed the north and the Atlantic Coast Tribunal with whatever limited political clout he had.

He is something of an enigma to the more urbane magi, rooted as he is in the older traditions of secrecy that the Order of Hermes has since discarded when interacting with munanes.

The Croatan

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