House Verditius: Dwarf-blood gunsmith, eccentric inventor


Name: Rolek; House: Verditius

Age: 22; Gender: Male; Size: – 2; Soak: 2/3
Confidence: 1/3; Decrepitude: 0/0; Warping: 1/3
Personality Traits: Creative + 2, Irascible + 2, Surly + 1
Reputations: Virtuoso + 3 (Order of Hermes)

Characteristics: Intelligence + 3, Perception – 3; Strength + 2, Stamina + 2; Presence – 3, Communication – 3; Dexterity + 3, Quickness + 1

Virtues and Flaws: Diedne Magic, Faerie Blood: Dwarf, Hermetic Prestige, Inventive Genius, Personal Vis Source, Puissant Ability: Craft, Puissant Ability: Magic Theory, Skilled Parens, Verditius Magic; Avaricious, Dark Secret, Dwarf, Susceptibility to Divine Power, Twilight Prone

Abilities: Animal Handling (Ponies) x1, Artes Liberales [Read/Write English, Latin] (Ceremonial Casting) x2, Athletics (Spelunking) x2, Brawl (Dodging) x3, Carouse (Staying Sober) x4, Craft: Firearms (Rifles) x4, Dead Language: Latin (Book Learning) x3, Faerie Lore (Dwarves) x2, Firearms (Rifles) x1, Magic Theory (Magic Items) x4, Native Language: English (Transactional) x5, Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Markets) x1, Parma Magica (Mentem) x3, Philosophiae (Ceremonial Casting) x1, Ride (Ponies) x1

Arts: Creo x4, Intellego x4, Muto x4, Perdo x4, Rego x4; Animal x5, Aquam x5, Auram x5, Corpus x5, Herbam x5, Ignem x5, Imaginem x5, Mentem x5, Terram x5, Vim x5,


Equipment: Tough Clothes (Protection 1, Load 1), Henry Rifle (talisman), Box of 50 (.44 Henry cartridges), Six-tube Blakeslee box (six full reloads for Henry Rifle in aluminum tubes/magazines), Malcolm Telescopic Rifle scope (18" long with mount, 3/4" diameter, 6x magnification), Spotted Pony named “Roger Little,” Crafting Tools (Verditius Casting Tools)

Load: 3; Burden: 2; Encumbrance: 0



1. Concept:

Dwarf-blood gunsmith, eccentric inventor

2. House:

Rolek is a member of Verditius, initiated into the House’s outer mystery.

3. Virtues & Flaws:

Rolek is a very small man, slightly portly with wild hair. His physical characteristics and his surly, covetous nature hint at his dwarven blood.

- Dwarf (Major General Flaw)
- Faerie Blood: Dwarf (Minor General Virtue)
- Avaricious (Major Personality Flaw)

Perhaps because of his fae blood, or perhaps just as a knack, Rolek displayed a penchant for crafting magical items very early in his apprenticeship. He even learned to distill vis in the lab during his downtime, without an aura and without interfering with his other activities.

- Inventive Genius (Minor Hermetic Virtue)
- Puissant Ability: Craft (Minor General Virtue)
- Puissant Ability: Magic Theory (Minor General Virtue)
- Personal Vis Source (Minor Hermetic Virtue)

So talented was he that Rolek’s apprenticeship was quickly sold to a famous Verditius wizard. Rolek excelled under his new parens’ tutelage. Even before his gauntlet, Rolek earned fame within his house, even within the Order.

- Verditius Magic (Minor Hermetic Virtue)
- Skilled Parens (Minor Hermetic Virtue)
- Hermetic Prestige (Minor Hermetic Virtue)

Unfortunately Rolek was not very skilled with raw magic, weaker even than might be a normal Verditius wizard. Rolek, through a series of misadventures, made a pact with a crossroads demon to enhance his spellcasting. Rolek took possession of certain manuals and learned the forbidden techniques of a lost Hermetic House. Though the Diedne threat is no longer important to the Order of Hermes, Rolek’s infernal source for those techniques weakens them in the presence of the divine.

- Diedne Magic (Major Hermetic Virtue)
- Dark Secret (Major Story Flaw)
- Twilight Prone (Major Hermetic Flaw)
- Susceptibility to Divine Power (Minor Personality Flaw)

4. Characteristics:

Rolek is smart and inventive, but easily distracted by his projects and his lively internal monologue. He has an awareness of the social graces, but just can’t bring himself to care about them.

- Intelligence + 3
- Perception – 3

- Presence – 3
- Communication – 3

Despite being a very small man, Rolek is very physically capable. He is quite strong and resilient. He also has excellent speed and fine motor skills.

- Strength +2
- Stamina + 2

- Dexterity + 3
- Quickness + 1

5. Early Childhood:

- Native Language: English (Transactional) x5
- Athletics (Spelunking) x2
- Brawl (Dodging) x3

6. Later Life:

- Carouse (Staying Sober) x4
- Faerie Lore (Dwarves) x2
- Animal Handling (Ponies) x1
- Ride (Ponies) x1

7. Apprenticeship:

- Creo x4
- Intellego x4
- Muto x4
- Perdo x4
- Rego x4

- Animal x3
- Aquam x3
- Auram x3
- Corpus x3
- Herbam x3
- Ignem x3
- Imaginem x3
- Mentem x3
- Terram x3
- Vim x3

- Dead Language: Latin (Book Learning) x3
- Artes Liberales [Read/Write English, Latin] (Ceremonial Casting) x2
- Philosophiae (Ceremonial Casting) x1

- Parma Magica (Mentem) x3
- Magic Theory (Magic Items) x4
- Craft: Firearms (Rifles) x4

- Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Markets) x1

- Firearms (Rifles) x1

Rolek also learned a number of formulaic spells:

Lungs of the Fish (Muto Aquam 20)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind, Req: Aquam
Turns water into air as it enters your lungs, allowing you to breathe water as you do. (Base 4, + 1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Part)

Circling Winds of Protection (Creo Auram 20)
R: Touch, D: Diam, T: Ind, Req: Rego
Surrounds you with winds that circle at great speed. Since the wind picks up dust and other small, loose objects, you may be obscured. Anyone standing near enough to attack you with a hand weapon must make a Size stress roll of 9 + at the beginning of each round or be blown back. Melee attack roles against you are at – 3, and missile or thrown weapons are at – 9. (Base 3, + 1 Touch, +1 Diam, +2 unnatural, + 1 Rego effect)

Eyes of the Bat (Intellego Auram 20)
R: Per, D: Diam, T: Hearing
You can move about confidently in complete darkness by sensing air and its boundaries (for example, where solid objects are). You “hear” the boundaries of the air, so it does not permit fine discriminations. On the other hand, you can “hear” boundaries behind you. (Base 4, + 1 Diam, + 3 Hearing)

The Inexorable Search (Intellego Corpus 20)
R: Arc, D: Conc, T: Ind
Determines the location of a specific person. To cast the spell you need a map and an Arcane Connection. After casting the spell, you can move your finger over the map at the rate of one hour per square foot of map. When your finger passes over the person’s location as represented on the map, you sense the person’s presence. (If the person is not in the area covered by the map, no sensations result.) You can locate the person to within a thumb’s width on the map. A similar spell allows you to search for a dead body (Tracing the Trail of Death’s Stench). (Base 3, + 4 Arc, + 1 Conc)

Perfect Disguise (Muto Corpus 20)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
Completely changes the target’s size and appearance, though you must remain human. (Base 3, + 2 Sun, + 1 multiple changes)

Shape of the Eagle (Muto Corpus 20)
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind, Req: Animal
You change into an eagle. You can change back at will, ending the spell. (Base 10, + 2 Sun)

Personal Ward against Heat and Flame (Rego Ignem 20)
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
Keeps heat and fire at bay, unable to approach within 1 pace of the target. This renders the target immune to damage from flames or heat of intensity less than that of molten iron. The target gets a + 15 Soak against all fire-related damage. Any fire doing less than + 15 damage per round doesn’t penetrate the ward. Such fires simply dim at the protected person’s passing and flare back up after he or she is gone. (Base 4, + 2 Sun, + 2 for up to + 15 damage)

Plus one (level 10) spell not yet chosen…

8. After Apprenticeship:

Rolek spent four years designing magical items in the lab after his apprenticeship, gaining eight Warping Points.

Rolek spent the first three years studying Forms. He spent 90 experience points raising each of the ten Forms from rating 3 to rating 5.

- Animal x5
- Aquam x5
- Auram x5
- Corpus x5
- Herbam x5
- Ignem x5
- Imaginem x5
- Mentem x5
- Terram x5
- Vim x5

Rolek spent his fourth year (four seasons) working on Gerald, his 1860 Henry Rifle. A single small ruby is subtly positioned as a trigger-stop, behind the trigger. One season was spent making a talisman out of it, activating the “+6 to destroy things at a distance” bonus. The other three were spent investing the talisman rifle with the following effect:

Fire Shot (Creo Ignem 46)
R: Sight, D: Mom, T: Ind
This effect creates a point of intense heat on the target, inflicting + 25 damage and potentially burning through the target. The effect has a magic penetration rating of 14. Activation requires the user to whisper a command word “ignis” while touching the ruby trigger-stop (placing a finger behind the trigger). (Base 20, + 3 Sight) (+ 4 for 12 uses per day, + 7 for 14 penetration, x 5 excess modifier for 7 year duration) (20/season over three seasons = 60/46)

Lab Total 50 = 4 Creo Technique, 5 Ignem Form, 3 Intelligence, 8 Crafts (level 4, applicable specialty, Puissant Ability, Dwarf Faerie Blood), 7 Magic Theory (level 4, applicable specialty, Puissant Ability), 7 Shape & Material bonuses (ruby = fire-related effect 6, Verditius Runes = Philosophiae 1), 3 Aura, 3 Inventive Genius Virtue, 10 Talisman.

9. Personality Traits:

Rolek is Creative + 2, _ Irascible_ + 2, and a bit Surly + 1.

10. Reputation:

Rolek is well known (and easily recognizable) within the Order of Hermes. He has a positive (level 3) Reputation as _ Virtuoso_.

11. Confidence:

Rolek has a Confidence Score of 1 and starts with 3 Confidence Points.

12. Equipment:

Tough Clothes (Protection 1, Load 1), Box of 50 (.44 Henry cartridges), Six-tube Blakeslee box (six full reloads for Henry Rifle in aluminum tubes/magazines), Malcolm Telescopic Rifle scope (18" long with mount, 3/4" diameter, 6x magnification), Spotted Pony named “Roger Little.”


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