House Ex Miscellanea: Dark gambler, Fate's reaper


Name: “Lucky” Patrick Christian Courtright; House: Ex Miscellanea

Age: 22; Gender: Male; Size: + 0
Soak: 14 (Stamina 3, Tough Virtue 3, Bronze Cord 3, Spell 3, Armor 2)
Confidence: 2/5; Decrepitude: 0/0; Warping: 1/3
Personality Traits: Brave + 5, Driven + 3, Loyal (partner) + 3, Temperate + 5

Characteristics: Intelligence + 3, Perception + 1; Strength + 2, Stamina + 3; Presence – 3, Communication – 3; Dexterity + 0, Quickness + 1

Virtues and Flaws: Charmed Life, The Gift, Hermetic Wizard, Intuition, Life Boost, Luck, Magic Sensitivity, Minor Magical Focus, Mythic Blood, Premonitions, Second Sight, Skilled Parens, Tough, True Friend (familiar), Warrior; Faerie Upbringing, Hedge Wizard, Heroic Personality, Magical Animal Companion, Necessary Condition, Study Requirement, Twilight Prone, Visions


Abilities: Animal Handling (Horses) x 2, Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) [English, Latin] x 2, Awareness (Using a Spyglass) x 2, Brawl (Dodging) x 2, Code of Hermes (Wizards’ Marches) x 1, Common Law (Territorial Law) x 1, Concentration (Maintaining Spells) x 1, Firearms (Rifles) x 3, Folk Ken (Discerning Lies) x 2, Hunt (Tracking) x 2, Language: English (Accents) x 5, Language: Latin (Learning from Books) x 3, Leadership (In Battle) x 1, Magic Sensitivity (Active Effects on People) x 1, Magic Theory (Inventing Spells) x 4, Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Politics) x 1, Parma Magica (Corpus) x 4, Penetration (Corpus) x 1, Premonitions (Ambushes) x 1, Profession: Gambler (Poker) x 1, Ride (In Battle) x 2, Second Sight (Invisible Things) x 1, Single Weapon (Saber) x 1, Stealth (Silence) x 1, Survival (Gathering Food) x 1, Swim (Submerged) x 1, Weapon Specialty: Firearms (Mobile Firing, Point Blank, Precise Shot) x 3, Weapon Specialty: Pistols (Mobile Firing, Quick Draw) x 2

Arts: Creo x 5, Intellego x 5, Muto x 5, Perdo x 10, Rego x 5, Corpus x 10

Spells: Chanting through the Black Gate (In Co 15), Debilitating Injury (Pe Co 25), Focus of Rightful Authority (Re Me 15), Glimpse of the Molting Magus (In Co 20), Personal Veil of Invisibility (Pe Im 15), Personal Fortitude (Mu Co 25), Personal Mask of Magic (Pe Vi 20), The Quick Search (In Co 15), Sanitization of the Festering Wound (Cr Co 25), Touch of Weariness (Pe Co 15)

Equipment: Carried: Leather Wear (Protection 2, Load 2), Colt 1860 Army (.44 cap & ball, 6 shot-Alchemical Bullets, 1860), Henry Rifle (.44 Henry, 15 shots, 1860) with strap, Bowie Knife, Malcolm Four-Draw Brass Spyglass (6x magnification); Saddlebags: Firearm Maintenance Kit, Satchel with 42 Alchemical Bullets (.44 balls with caps) and a Powder Flask with Charger for same, 90 rounds of .44 Henry in a six-tube Blakeslee box (each tube holds 15 rounds of .44 Henry cartridge), Cavalry Saber (marked “Union Army, 69th Irish”); Other: Doom Crow familiar named Martah (Bronze Cord + 3), Black horse named Follower (a slow but suitably-gloomy animal)

Load: 4; Burden: 2; Encumbrance: 0



Lucky belongs to a tradition of blood witches called the Dearg Duen. The cult serve the Morrígan, a dark fey associated with war, strife and sovereignty. Servants of the Morrígan are champions of fortunes and fate, walking unseen on trails of blood and counting the dead as they fall. Though based out of Ireland, the cult has significant representation in the New World, particularly gaining power during the bloody losses of the Civil War.

Following his Hermetic academy training, Lucky joined the New York State Volunteers, the “Fighting Irish” of the 69th Infantry Regiment. He was assigned to Company J, a clandestine group assembled to support (liaise with and directly include) “magical assets” for the purpose of benefiting the Union. Full magi in this company entered with a 1st lieutenant’s commission and were brevetted to higher rank by secret Senate commissions.

Lucky rose to the rank of Brevet Captain before the war ended. Through a series of amazing coincidences, he avoided all recrimination for his activities in the conflict and found a place for himself as a hoplite. Lucky makes his way in the world by playing high-stakes poker and hunting rogue wizards.



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