Fair Point Covenant

A Dangerous Trio




The three magi of the former Fair Point Covenant, William “Bill” Fairbanks of House Bonisagus, Henry Duvall of House Jerbiton, and Micah Wright of House Guernicus, are wanted for crimes against the Code, including instigating mundanes to the detriment of their sodales, scrying upon their sodales, failure to abide by Tribunal decisions, aiding an Enemy of the Order, attacking an Ally of the Order, and endangering the Order.

The Fair Point Covenant, just a day’s travel from Jackson, Mississippi, was well integrated into the local high society of the area’s southern gentry. The covenant’s magi were outspoken advocates of secession from the Atlantic Coast Tribunal, and spent years making eloquent political and legal arguments in support of that action. Although it’s hard to gauge, their fervent and well-spoken advocacy swayed a good many of their less socially adept peers into believing that an illegal tribunal split was not only a good idea, but one based on sound principles.

They did not appear in person to defend themselves at the emergency tribunal of 1866 but did so through a hired advocate. They have not been seen since.

All three magi are gentle Gifted, and the difficulty in tracking them down arises from their ability to blend into large populations, using subtle magic to hide themselves from the Order.

William “Bill” Fairbanks of House Bonisagus is a former magus Trianoma, skilled in Vim with a scattering of other arts.

Henry Duvall of House Jerbiton is a renowned master of Imaginem.
Micah Wright of House Guernicus is a cunning legal mind, and a specialist in Mentem.

Fair Point Covenant

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