Douglas Turner

House Flambeau: Southern Gentleman and Hermetic Bounty Hunter


Raised in the covenant of Sutter’s Rock, Douglas Turner was apprenticed at a young age to his mother Eliza. Early in his apprenticeship the his family and their covenant relocated to the north-eastern part of what would become West Virginia in order to attempt to avoid the brewing Civil War.

As the war approached the Turner’s and the rest of the covenant were cast out of the newly formed tribunal. Officially the covenant as a whole and Douglas in particular, took no stance on the just or unjust nature of the war. In fact, it was not until the betrayal of the covenant of Shenandoah from Virginia proper, which resulted in the death of Julie Turner (Douglas’ sister), that the covenant officially joined the the cause of the North against the southern upstarts. Although this was primarily to avenge themselves upon the offending covenant. A feud that persists to this day.

Post war and his gauntlet, Douglas has become a strong advocate of the “Join or Die” policy and has struck out on his own in order to make his own hermetic fortune on the frontier.



Douglas Turner

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