The Hermetic Wild West

The Tiger with Five Tails


Ms. W~:

Those hoplites you mentioned arrived the other night. They quite cleverly opted to send only two of their number to pay a call upon me, ensuring that those of my covenant-mates inclined to report their movements to Setting Son would underestimate their commitment to their San Francisco investigations. Unfortunately, the other half of their number were not merely waiting somewhere but engaged in active investigation in our local Chinatown which threatened the fragile peaceful arrangements we have negotiated with the local Daoist wizard Bao Zhu.

Fortunately, despite coming to the attention of a Buddhist monk named Xiao-Lin who is, in reality, a monstrous spirit-tiger with five tails, and despite chasing Mr. Bao Zhu’s young daughter through the streets, they managed to placate the angry Oriental gentleman and our accord has held.

I have maintained the polite fiction that they are seeking members of the Brotherhood of Broken Chains. You have been rather close-lipped as to their true objective, but I will exercise patience and trust and hope that they accomplish their aims quickly.


Eliza Coventry
House Jerbiton
Sunset Gate Covenant



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