The Hermetic Wild West

San Francisco Bound


Ms. W~

You made some slight inquiries into whether I could cast any light on the progress of certain agents of ours in apprehending other certain individuals presumed to be on the West Coast. From what I can tell, they have spent much of the past few months cleaning up the loose ends left by Mr. Waldorf, and converting the spoils of their endeavors into further power and capability. Mr. W~ and Mr. T~ have both engaged the services of members of House Verditius, while Mr. T~ contacted my own self to inquire into joining House Mercere’s network of augmentation specialists. I provided him suitable texts for the corpus-based ritual effects along with the usual caveats and contractual obligations. If he is truly capable of learning and casting these ninth-magnitude rituals, he has come a long way indeed.

I know you were concerned when Ms. EW~ wrote to you asking for more objectives, but I believe your intuitions were correct in this regard. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were engaged in activities in or near San Francisco, and merely wanted to muddy the waters for Setting Son, should their spies seek to act on their absence from Round Lake. Also, considering the turbulent political situation between the Sunset Gate covenant of San Francisco and we here on the East Coast, I can see why they might have wished to misdirect as much as possible.

In any event, sending them word about the Brotherhood of Broken Chains was inspired. I anticipate being most pleased at how they choose to utilize that information.


Your Name is Famous, Oh Porcelein Empress, and I prostrate myself before you.

Your thread was cut. He Who Dances to Bells has been destroyed by the magic of an interloper. I do not know of this interloper, but I saw three others watching one of the Houses we have been asked to watch. I do not know why our Mistress chooses to send us on the White Devil’s errands, but I can only obey.

I am who I am, however, and one of these spies saw me and treated me with due deference and respect. He brought an offering of fish and milk and in exchange I am bound to speak of him no more. In any event, he and his companions were no longer there when I returned, nor is their smell anywhere about the city.

If not for the destruction of He Who Dances to Bells, I would not have brought it up at all, but if our Brother’s demise is connected to these other strangers, I felt I could not but dance upon the edge of my obligations for the good of your Court.

Be Well, Oh Empress, and may Your Terrible Gaze seek others to punish for your son’s demise.



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