The Hermetic Wild West



Unto Quaesitor Maximilian Foster, Covenant of the Setting Son
From Zachariah Smith, House Tytalus, Covenant of the Setting Son


I took Mr. Horse, as suggested, and traveled to our chapterhouse at Round Lake Colorado to insist upon our rights as the rightful and registered Hermetic owners of the property over the squatters who have unlawfully set themselves up there. You were correct in your assessment that they were fools, quick to violence, unwitting of the long-term consequences of their actions. As expected, they did not yield, and so I began forcibly evicting them, starting with the most savage and violent among them, Mr. John Westphal.

As I turned to evict the next one of their number, however, they became most afraid of something outside from the direction of the lake, even to the point of actively ignoring me as I sought to remove them by force from the property. At first I thought this some ruse to distract me, but indeed, from the lake arose such a howling of wind and shrieking of some terrible voice that I was forced to concede that something unanticipated was occurring.

I have since looked over our covenant’s records of Round Lake and I have found nothing in the materials provided by Mr. Tiberius Cole to indicate that the three Ex Miscellanea Junior Members of the Round Lake Covenant were capable of summoning entities of such power. It would appear, however, that the squatters have firmly established a personal alliance with those three Junior Members and that these Members have chosen to act against their own covenant-mates in defense of this crass attempt to steal our rightful property. I suggest the Covenant Council vote to censure these Junior Members and strip them of any vis rights and voting rights they may have held.

I was forced to flee, leaving the squatters and their new friends to deal with the creature summoned from the lake. The method of my departure was abrupt and instantaneous, and so I have no news as to the fate of Mr. Horse. I hope he was able to escape intact.

Zachariah Smith
House Tytalus
Covenant of the Setting Son

To Mr. Reginald McCurry, Quaesitor
American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

From Sarah Greencreek, Quaesitor
Pure Snows Covenant


My thanks go to you, and to Quaesitor Elisavet Whalen, for such an opportunity to prosecute such a high profile case before the High Court of Hermetic Justice. I never thought anyone would have the courage to take on the Covenant of the Setting Son so directly, and it would appear that they never anticipated it either. I hope this is indicative of a subtle sea-change in the public opinion of the Order of Hermes toward those magi of native heritage being so crassly exploited across the continent.

I have no illusions that I was selected to represent Ms. Whalen and her associates for any reason aside from my innate passion for the subject, but I hope I comported myself well enough that they have no cause for complaint. My case was aided immensely by Colonel Trombley’s lecture series in New York and across the eastern seaboard where he most eloquently laid out a case for treating our native cousins with nobility and honor. Most damning, I think, was the direct interrogation of the internal practices of Setting Son’s Tytalus members. Their “policy” of official vagueness, where they do not formally condone the slavery of their native members but do so through unofficial nods and winks, cannot stand up to direct mental intrusion.

I think the High Court’s ruling was proportional and fair, punishing only the chapter of Setting Son found to be egregiously in violation of our Code and customs, but I know that these practices are widespread amongst the chapters of that Covenant. I can only hope that with this precedent more exploited native magi will come forward to prosecute similar cases.

Of course, Setting Son will do everything in their power to prevent this, and I anticipate a very turbulent time until next Tribunal. I simply hope the votes can be marshalled to stymie their attempts to overturn this precedent.

S. Greencreek



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