The Hermetic Wild West



Unto Mr. Joshua A. E. Kemp, Presiding Quaesitor, Atlantic Coast Tribunal,

It would appear that one of our fellow quaesitoris has once more decided to take Setting Son on directly. Ms. Elisavet Whalen and her hoplite associates tracked their quarry, James “The Taxidermist” Waldorf, through the verges of the Rocky Mountains to a Setting Son chapterhouse. It would seem that Mr. Waldorf had incapacitated the Tytalus in charge, Mr. Tiberius Cole, and subverted the Ex Miscellanea into covering for his presence as he used their Round Lake chapter as a base of operations.

These Ex Miscellanea, being Indians and prone to treachery, in turn betrayed Mr. Waldorf to the hoplites and he has been slain. Of more pressing interest, however, is the fact that Ms. Whalen has chosen to render summary justice upon Setting Son under the usual charges that they have successfully evaded for years.

She has three Ex Miscellanea magi who are willing to testify to the fact that they were not taught the Parma Magica, nor even Latin, and that they were sworn to the Code without understanding its meaning. She has brought the incapacitated Mr. Cole here to Washington to face Hermetic Justice for depriving his sodales of their sigil and magical power, and she has rendered punishment on Setting Son in the form of stripping them of their Chapter and granting it to the three Ex Miscellanea to petition for covenant status.

I can imagine your widened eyes as you read this message, but I do have some reassuring news. First, although she has decided on this course of action, she has not yet acted nor published her decision. I intend to have a lengthy discussion with her on proper methodology for the preservation of our House’s reputation and the good of the Order. We can’t go having tit for tat legal rulings destroying our credibility, which is exactly what the quaesitoris within Setting Son would do should she act entirely on her own authority like this. Furthermore, she may not be as easily destroyed by Setting Son as one might think. She claims to have Archmage Phineas as an ally in this, or at least access to his votes. She will definitely need them come Caucus and Tribunal.

It is my hope that we might set an expedited hearing at the High Court for this matter. With the formalities of a legal hearing backing up any action we don’t need to risk the sort of dissolution to our reputation that occurred prior to the Dixieland secession, with quaesitoris using their personal authority for personal gain.

Yours Very Truly,
Reginald McCurry



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