The Hermetic Wild West

Into Deseret


Phineas, Archmage of House Tremere,

Greetings and fond wishes from Washington DC.

Much to everyone’s surprise, no doubt, I’m writing to you here in the aftermath of Colloquium not to discuss your significant voting power and the uses to which it might be put but rather to discuss the martial and magical power at your disposal and ways it may be required to defend the Order.

You are aware, of course, of the band of Hoplites that we, the American Embassy of the Order of Hermes, have sponsored for the last couple of years. They engaged your aforementioned votes, in fact, to defend their claim upon a former chapter of the Covenant of the Setting Son just a week ago. It seems that they did not spend this last winter entirely idle or focused on covenant-building concerns. They have brought to us news out of the Utah Territory that, should it become public, would, I fear, cause great consternation among the mundane government and not insignificant tensions between them and our Order.

It is widely known that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, colloquially called “mormons”, wield remarkable power over the Utah territory. They call it “Deseret”, after their mythology, and they control the territorial militia, called the “Nauvoo Legion” after the town in Illinois where they once lived and where their supposed prophet was slain. We at the American Embassy were aware of five Wizard’s Marched individuals who had sought sanctuary among the Mormons, particularly by joining service with the Nauvoo Legion. It seems that in investigating these criminals, our Hoplites discovered something far more disturbing.

It would appear that the twenty-seventh wife of the Mormon patriarch and effective “king” of Utah, Mr. Brigham Young, Mrs. Lavinia Young, was once Ms. Lavinia Ross of House Bonisagus. She converted to Mormonism and married Mr. Young in Illinois, traveling with him and the mass migration of his parishioners, to the Utah territory where she has ceased to participate in Hermetic political affairs. She would be easily overlooked but for one problem: She has apparently been training apprentices, and not in insignificant numbers. These apprentices are taught some bastardized version of Hermetic Theory that incorporates Mormon so-called theology. These apprentices may not have sworn the Oath or know of the Code. They have certainly not been Gauntleted or granted their sigil. She is creating a schismatic group of religious fanatics who wield Hermetic magic.

The one saving grace is the relative rarity of the Gift in the general population, but the Mormon obsession with breeding may result in this problem becoming dramatically worse in a relatively brief period of time.

And so, we have an unknown number of schismatic Bonisagus magi granting asylum and sanctuary to any Wizard’s Marched magus willing to renounce the Order and convert to Mormonism.

These magi have already shown their worth in the conclusion of the Black Hawk War, which ended in armistice just over a year ago. The sporadic and now quite-suspicious inability for ordinary Hermetic covenants to gain a foothold in the Utah Territory may also reflect converts or concealed Hermetic crimes.

The Hoplites have traveled to Utah and I anticipate regular reports as they learn more. I merely wished to reach out to you with the situation so that you will not be surprised should there be a formal request for military aid to put down these renegades, preferably quietly, for the good of both the Order and the US Federal Government.

With Affection,

Ms. Violet McGowan, House Bonisagus
American Embassy of the Order of Hermes



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