The Hermetic Wild West

A Fair Point Fairly Taken


To the Honorable Covenant Council
Sunset Gate Covenant

As the magus most directly involved in the recently concluded investigation by a team of Hoplites under the command of Ms. Elisavet Whalen, I feel I should lend my perspective to your deliberations as to the re-organization and enhanced security methods of our covenant.

It would seem that these Hoplites presented themselves to me under misleading pretenses, but considering their eventual discoveries, their caution was commendable. It seems they were seeking a particularly cunning trio of gentle-gifted gentlemen, the wanted members of the Fair Point Covenant of Mississippi. They had reason to believe these criminals were hiding under our noses in San Francisco, and wished to avoid alerting their quarry to their true objective.

It would seem that these criminals had been operating with the aid of various Oriental spirits under the command of Mr. Bao Zhu’s eldest daughter, a trained Chinese sorceress whose mere existence was of some embarrassment to Mr. Bao. This may well be why he never mentioned her to us. It seems that she is something of an outcast among her tradition, and so saw the benefits of allying with outcasts of our tradition.

She proved herself most cunning, however, and rather than standing in opposition to the Hoplites, she approached them and negotiated an arrangement. I’m given to believe the negotiations themselves were fraught with cultural and magical misunderstandings, but ultimately she agreed to accept the protection of the Order of Hermes, joining our great society, and in so doing supplanting her father who has always held himself aloof from us. Upon acceptance of her petition to join, she revealed that the criminals of the Fair Point Covenant were living and working as covenfolk for us.

Imagine my shock to discover that our finest lawyer/accountant was, in fact, Mr. Micah Wright, a former quaesitor, and that one of our trade factors was Mr. William Fairbanks, a former Bonisagus. The Hoplites and I, with a few trusted helpers, apprehended Mr. Wright. The Hoplites themselves hunted down Mr. Fairbanks in our city’s sewers before he could alert his fellows. We then set a trap for the third, Mr. Henry Duvall, who was one of our traveling negotiators, to be sprung upon his return to the city.

Having apprehended these criminals who had infiltrated our very covenant and who had, among them, embezzled significant funds and assets for their private use, I brokered talks between the Hoplites and a representative of the Covenant Council to ensure that no collateral legal sanctions fall upon us for inadvertently harboring such criminals. The Hoplites kindly acknowledged our claim to the property embezzled by the criminals rather than seizing it as their due. In exchange, of course, we paid them handsomely in vis and promised favors.

Although we reached an equitable arrangement with them, they are engaged in a rather high-profile dispute with the Covenant of the Setting Son, our chief ally in the Tribunal when it comes to our aim of forming a Pacific Coast Tribunal. This may cause some tensions if our votes should be called upon by two masters. I leave such considerations to your wise and esteemed selves.

Very Truly Yours,

Eliza Coventry
House Jerbiton
Sunset Gate Covenant



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