The Hermetic Wild West

Coming In From The Cold


Mr. Cole,

I am pleased to hear that you are making a swift recovery from the year you spent invalid at the mercy of an infernal curse. I write, as requested, to give you the latest news of the magi of the Round Lake “covenant”. Far be it from me to suggest that your fixation on them is unhealthy. Indeed, their continuing good fortune makes them an ever-improving adversary against which to test yourself once you feel up to it.

That said, their rising star has been burnished somewhat. After a strong start in the Utah territories they allowed themselves to get sidetracked with the Brotherhood of Broken Chains. Although this has proven to be most lucrative to them in the form of additional votes and the gratitude of more than a dozen newly-minted Ex Miscellanea magi, it has allowed us, in concert with the diplomatic efforts of Colonel Trombley, to steal a march on them, so to speak. Mr. Turner came to our associates at the King’s Peak chapter and revealed months worth of reconnaissance on Mrs. Lavinia Young’s eldest and most powerful apprentice Mr. Lee Pembleton. This intelligence, once passed on to me, allowed me to abduct Mr. Pembleton and place him in an oubliette specially designed to inhibit his particular talents.

This demonstration of force, combined with Colonel Trombley’s extensive diplomatic efforts on Mrs. Young herself, finally convinced her to bring herself and her extended lineage back into the Hermetic fold. A diplomatic resolution is being hammered out in Washington DC as we speak, including amnesty for those Mormon magi who have not committed crimes against the Order, with promises of clemency for those who have.

This diplomatic coup resolving the stand-off between the Order and the schismatic Mormon magi has made the good Colonel’s reputation as a diplomat and a lawman, and has given us no small amount of goodwill, which has been hard to find of late. I regret to report to you, however, that it did not entirely edge out the Round Lake magi. Despite Colonel Trombley and I receiving the lion’s share of the accolades, their involvement in the early stages could not be entirely effaced, and their rising political clout within House Ex Miscellanea should not be underestimated.

I suspect, now that the Mormon magi are not protecting them, that the Round Lake magi may turn to mop-up duties, taking into custody those remaining Hermetic criminals that were sheltering under the Mormon aegis. By my reckoning, they include Mr. Richenbacher Sweet and Sister Irma Meyers. I suppose we shall see how successful they are in that endeavor.

They are rapidly reaching the point where their reputation and personal and political resources may force them into a consolidation period rather than continuing field work as hoplites. If that occurs, they’ll be quite a challenge for you indeed.



Angry Masters


To my Darling Daughter,

I’m pleased to see from your last letter how much your writing has improved. Learning your letters is important, even though it, like anything, can be a tool of bondage.

I am writing to inform you that I am officially confirmed as a member of the House Ex Miscellanea in the Order of Hermes, but moreso, that I have survived the first wave of attempts to murder me for having the temerity to seek out and stand upon those rights granted to me by the Founders of this Order so many centuries ago. All I had to do was allow myself to be slain temporarily.

It sounds like madness, and indeed it seemed that way to me as well. It would appear that my benefactors at the Round Lake covenant have access to certain spirits of local Native legend, along with certain non-Hermetic magics that permit, in some particular, ritual fashion, for a person to be “killed” and then restored to life.

Three magi sent declarations of Wizard’s War, two addressed to me, and one addressed to Ms. Carter. My benefactors attempted negotiation, and were successful with Ms. Carter’s aggressor, but could not dissuade the two who sought to slay me. Both admitted it was entirely to “send a message” to other Negroes who sought equality with Whites that even though they may stand as equals under Hermetic law, we would never truly be safe.

And so, my benefactors took me to a regio wherein we enacted a certain legend from among the Ute peoples. In participating, I was torn apart by a spirit of hunger and devoured. It was, as you might imagine, incredibly unpleasant. It did, however, prevent me from being slain in the Wizards’ Wars declared against me, and when the month elapsed, they were able to restore me to life.

I am still unsure if I was truly dead or in some sort of ritual suspension that seemed like death. The magical mechanics of it are somewhat obscure to me, which is surprising considering the depth of my understanding of Hermetic Theory. But these spirits, and this tradition of magic, are esoteric. I’m given to believe my benefactors are constructing a theoretical synthesis even now. Perhaps I can be of some service to them in helping them to accomplish this.

In any event, I am alive, and I feel the same as I always have. I am due all the protections of the Order until the next legally-sanctioned attempt to kill me comes along. At least within the Order I have a month’s head-start from the assassins and they are obligated to tell me they’re coming, so that’s an improvement over the last few years.

I look forward to the day when I can see you again. My love to your husband and children.

Your Father,
Jeremiah Washington

Gathering the Chains



I will take this opportunity to practice my Latin by conveying the results of the great risk we three have taken by trusting our “covenant mates” so completely.

It was easy to discount them when their personal, magical, and political gains were relatively transparent. They freed us from Setting Son in order to lay claim to the prize for capturing Waldorf, as well as to lay claim to our valley and its magical resources. That they treated us better than Tiberious Cole did was a nice consequence, but we were under no illusion that they were anything other than kinder, gentler masters. They needed a base of operations from which to conduct their hunts for the criminals among them, and they needed to make us reasonably competent in the ways and means of their Order so we could defend that base for them when they were gone.

It is true that they took greater pains than they needed to gain our help and trust. They procured tutors in Latin and Hermetic Theory, not to mention the great power that is their Parma Magica, to improve our lot as members of their “House Ex Miscellanea” but all of these things were also of direct benefit to them, and so we kept our own council and waited to see how things would play out. Certainly, we made them honorary tribespeople. And certainly some of them have even made an effort to learn our language, but even with the one who took a Ute name, or the Ute who was taken as a child and raised among the white man, we have been hesitant to fully extend our trust.

But then they returned from a lengthy sojourn to the Mormon city of Provo in the company of a negro man, one “Blacky Aston”, who had once been a magically gifted slave. This slave had been in hiding ever since the white-man’s war-between-brothers. Although declared a free man by the government, he nevertheless needed to conceal himself against the angered wizards who hunted him for escaping them. Our covenant-mates found him, as was their purpose, but rather than slaying or imprisoning him they used their political and social influence to pardon him and declare him a full member of the Order, also of the “Ex Miscellanea.” Then, realizing he was in similar straits to us in that he had no training or resources of his own, they invited him here as a guest.

It is true that our situation and Mr. Aston’s are dissimilar in many respects. There is a common theme, however, in that both of our people have been brutalized or exploited by the white man with impugnity. Both of our people struggle to survive in the white man’s world. Once again, these three white people and one who may as well be white are using this negro man for their own political gain in that they hope to legitimize many of his formerly-enslaved yet gifted brethren and support their uplift in exchange for their votes. But it is becoming increasingly clear that their motives may extend beyond the merely politically mercenary.

When they proposed finding a magical site where they could build a “chapter” to house these once-slaves, you took what I considered a terrible risk. You revealed the caverns of the afterlife. I cannot fault your reasoning. As more and more white Europeans flood these lands our better-hidden sacred sites will not remain hidden forever. Best to reveal them to those white people who might have a vested interest in preserving and protecting them than allow them to be despoiled. Still, I was half-certain leading them to the caverns would be my final act as Little Brother.

I brought outsiders to a cave that heretofore only Little Brothers have been permitted to enter. I introduced them to the Antlered Lady. I gave her my blood and my life hoping that she would see I meant no betrayal, and that these outsiders could be trusted.

It appears that she looked into their hearts and was satisfied. Hesesiwox, once John Westphal, seems to have done more than merely change his name. The Lady treated him as a newborn child haunted by his past. Oukonunaka, long tainted by the white man’s ways, was also welcomed back. When the Lady asked Douglas Turner and Elisavet Whalen if they would spill their blood on behalf of the People and in defense of the caverns, they both took extraordinary steps, giving themselves potentially fatal wounds as I did. I was surprised. I had expected some small shedding of blood, but to place such trust in the Lady was beyond my expectations.

She accepted our offerings and enfolded us in her arms. We were healed, and thus all of us were accepted. We can no longer stand partly-aloof from our white benefactors. The Lady has accepted them, and we must acknowledge her judgment.

We spent some time with the Lady negotiating the terms under which the Cavern of Welcome might sustain a small population of the living, ostensibly these freed negroes who may become a chapter of our Covenant. First, though, these negroes need to be suitably vetted and weighed.

The first three that Blacky Aston brought in, Jeremiah Washington, Maggie Carter, and Deliliah Johnson, all had uniquely tragic tales to tell. They seem like trustworthy people, but I understand why they have not yet been informed of the Cavern, or even that they might someday become covenant-members. They first need to be educated to a point where they can participate in their own defense. Secondly, we will need to fend off the three declarations of “wizard’s war” that have come as a result of their public legitimacy.

In one month, we may face our first test of Hermetic violence. Ironically it is not Setting Son come to reclaim what they see as their property but rather more distant magi who feel the same way about their fellow human beings.

It is not a fight we chose, but I cannot help but think that it is a worthy fight nonetheless. Father Wolf would, in my opinion, approve.

Little Brother

Brotherhood of Broken Chains


Elder Lee Pembleton,

I wanted to take the time to write you a formal letter stating my intentions before (hopefully temporarily) leaving your service.

You have been a fair and generous employer, certainly a far cry from those who gained from my labors prior to my freedom. You have shown me godly compassion and Christian charity and extended these goods deeds to those of my brothers and sisters who found themselves in similar straits. Your words before the Assembly here in Provo has brought gainful employment to dozens of the non-Gifted negroes among whom we’ve hidden these years. I therefore wish to assert in no uncertain terms that my departure is no comment on your generosity or treatment.

I cannot but look upon these recent emissaries of the Order and wonder at the change in attitude. To be charitable, my previous experiences with the covenant of Savannah were viewed through the lens of slavery, and I never had much experience with those magi of the north, but such simple north-south divides do not entirely explain what has happened here in Provo this past month and a half. That the overtures came from a Virginian, who openly acknowledged that he and his had owned slaves until just recently, gave my head something of a spin.

It would seem that I have been the subject of a more concerted hunt than I had anticipated. I knew that my former master and his Hermetic heirs would seek vengeance upon me for my abrupt departure, especially as they could no longer reclaim me as their property. I expected mercenary wizards to come looking for me for crass payment or political advantage. I did not expect a Virginian to spent over a month ingratiating himself into the Community, come to Temple more than weekly, and spend a considerable sum on the morale and entertainment of the negro servant-class just to get a conversation with me. And once he had that conversation, I did not expect to be offered amnesty and membership in the Order. I rather expected the noose.

I commend your wisdom, as in all things, in procuring the services of Colonel Trombley to negotiate on my behalf. The Virginian, whose name I suspect is not Gideon, brought an Indian Quaesitor, a clever choice as it demonstrates that even those who are not of the White race can aspire to high office among the Order. Over the hours of our discussions I have become convinced that a path to amnesty lies before me that may well result in my ability to live freely without fear of retaliation from the Order. I know that you do not cleave to the Order yourself, but I do hope you can understand my position.

Should these emissaries treat me honorably, and should the Hermetic Court grant my amnesty and accept my Oath, I hope you might consider, if not continued service, at least continued correspondence and friendship. I know that your good piety will not permit you to swear allegiance to any earthly Order that does not cleave to God’s Revealed Word, but I hope you will think no less of me for doing so. Know that my faith in the Lord will always remain strong, and I will keep always in mind the words of Christ that we must render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. My earthly loyalty and service to the Order will not compel me into sin, you may be sure of it.

I know that the Nauvoo Legion and the Divine Elders among them have come to blows with the Order of late. I most sincerely hope it does not escalate to full-blown warfare, but even should it do so, I swear to you that I will take no part in hostilities against you and yours, and will do my utmost to facilitate compromise and peace if at all possible.

When next we speak, I hope to stand before you as a member of House Ex Miscellanea within the Order of Hermes.

Yours in Faith,
Most Truly,
Blacky Aston

The Bear of King's Peak


Mr. Maximilian Foster
Quaesitor of House Tytalus
Covenant of the Setting Son


Thank you for your query, but I assure you everything here at our covenant’s King’s Peak chapter is well in hand. Indeed, those hoplites you mentioned brought word of a challenge worthy of our covenant and our House arising here in the Utah territories.

It would appear that a rogue Bonisagus has converted to Mormonism, even going so far as to marry Brigham Young, and that for decades she has been training apprentices in some fusion of Hermetic and divine magic without gauntleting them into the Order or swearing them to the Code. These rogue Mormon magi are engaged in an enterprise to bring about their version of heaven here on earth by seizing various magical regionnes about the borders of Utah and, through powerful divine ritual magic, converting them to their ultimate purpose of turning all of Utah into a regio, the promised land of Deseret.

As you well know, our King’s Peak Chapter sits upon the border, and controls a potent regio, namely the cave of the Great Bear, a figure out of native myth and legend whom these Mormon magi seek to slay or convert to their religion. We have fought them off once already, but they are massing for another attempt.

Some months ago, your good friend Colonel Trombley managed to embed associates into this renegade order, including a certain mad Merenita named Gibbs who serves the local contingent of the Nauvoo legion. With the aid of these hoplites you were kind enough to inquire about, we made clandestine contact with Gibbs. John Westphal, now calling himself “Hesesiwox”, managed to play to Gibbs’ particular madness, bringing him to our camp as a spy. The various faerie creatures he has created to watch and harass us will turn upon the Legion at an opportune moment.

We plan now our assault, using a mix of surprise attack, assassination, and frontal attack. It is our aim to kill or capture the magi with the garrison, without whom the ordinary soldiers will be helpless. We particularly seek to slay the one among them thought to be able to perform the ritual that summons the Mormon “angel” (or whatever) necessary to seize and convert the regio of the Great Bear to their Mormon purpose.

I have every confidence in the success of our endeavor, and will arrange for a letter once the matter is concluded.

Silvio Martinez
House Tytalus
King’s Peak Chapter of Setting Son

The Nauvoo Legion


Ms. McGowan,

My interrogations of the mind of one “Jeremiah Sutton”, recovered recently by our hoplites, has confirmed much of the substance of the report compiled by Elisavet Whalen. The hoplites gained the trust of the local Nauvoo garrison near Grouse Creek, utilizing the talents of Oukonunaka, disguised as one “Levi Smoot”, claiming to be recent converts to the Mormon church. This ruse was successful enough that Mr. Sutton, who styled himself a “lieutenant”, and who is one of those taught Hermetic magic by the renegade Bonisagus Mrs. Lavinia Young, brought the hoplites into the divine regio present there at Grouse Creek.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming divine aura began stripping away their magic, including Oukonunaka’s disguise as an elderly white man. This prompted the realization in Mr. Sutton that he had been fooled, which prompted Oukonunaka to wound him severely through the application of a bullet to the cranium. This act of unprovoked violence created a response from the regio which turned against our Hoplites. Mr. Douglas Turner was able to navigate a way out with the wounded prisoner. The garrison caught only a momentary glimpse of their blood-soaked forms before they fled via teleportation back here to DC.

Mr. Sutton has proven to be a wealth of information about this nascent rival order of divine-attuned wizards trained in a bastardized version of the Hermetic Arts. Mrs. Young, technically still on the rolls as a magus of House Bonisagus, has managed to combined Hermetic theory with certain non-Hermetic “holy magic” practices to create a hybrid which she has been using to instruct the Gifted among the Mormon population. They have also been aggressively recruiting Hermetic magi under a “join or die” philosophy quite familiar to us. Mr. Sutton did not have precise numbers, but he estimates there are around fifty magi practicing Mrs. Young’s tradition, or who have converted.

Needless to say, this is a matter of much concern. We cannot afford a schism in the American Order so soon after the Civil War. I am certain that House Tremere stands ready to stamp out this schism as soon as is feasible.


Darius Gray


It seems my first foray into official Hoplite business has been something of a failure. You know that I’ve been looking for a way to use my skills, honed in the war, in a more positive direction and Colonel Trombley was nothing if not charismatic in recruiting me to join his band of Hoplites, but I fear that he may have bit off more than he can chew. I’ve spent the last five months in deep cover, pretending to have converted to Mormonism in order to keep track of a growing threat to the Order, namely a lineage of magi being trained by a rogue Bonisagus who are capable of using magic in Dominion auras. In fact, these “holy wizards” seem to gain benefit from proximity to the Dominion and have difficulty using their magic in the more customary magic auras.

We stumbled upon this growing threat while hunting some Hermetic criminals who had apparently fled to the sanctuary of the Mormon church and the territory of Utah where they hold significant political and military sway. We rapidly realized that there were a lot of Mormon wizards who were never gauntleted, and had never sworn the Oath. When a force of them confronted us with a politely worded “join or die” Trombley made the decision that the four of us would convert. He planned to ingratiate himself with the Mormon hierarchy enough to get concrete information on these holy wizards’ numbers, dispositions, and locations for the Order. He and Ames headed back with most of our captors to Salt Lake City, while Gibbs was assigned to a Nauvoo legion platoon headed toward Colorado. I was left behind in the godforsaken wasteland that is the black rock desert with a few of the younger and less competent holy wizards to watch over a former native regio that had been… converted.

And there I sat for five months. In order to make myself useful, but also to create a means whereby I controlled what information my camp uncovered, I bound a local vulture as a familiar. I named him Sydney after the brother I lost in the war. He’s a bit of a smartass, but through his eyes I was able to monitor the desert much more efficiently, which permitted us to make camp in a more shady, secluded place. It also let me keep watch for anyone who might be useful in getting information to Trombley, or to the greater Order.

Eventually, I saw a small party moving through the desert who, it turned out, were other Hoplites searching for the missing Trombley. Apparently he still hasn’t reported anything to the Order. These Hoplites and I orchestrated my extraction, leaving an inert, magically-created corpse-copy of myself under conditions reasonably construed to be a natural death. There were some minor hiccups in the plan, but hopefully the demoralized troops won’t care enough to put a lot of effort into investigating. As far as they’re concerned, I’m dead, which will hopefully not draw additional suspicion on the rest of my team should they still be alive and on-mission.

For now, I’m going to rest up, enjoy whiskey again, and make myself available to the ongoing effort to find Trombley and to counter this growing threat in Utah.

Callie Hobbs
House Flambeau

Into Deseret


Phineas, Archmage of House Tremere,

Greetings and fond wishes from Washington DC.

Much to everyone’s surprise, no doubt, I’m writing to you here in the aftermath of Colloquium not to discuss your significant voting power and the uses to which it might be put but rather to discuss the martial and magical power at your disposal and ways it may be required to defend the Order.

You are aware, of course, of the band of Hoplites that we, the American Embassy of the Order of Hermes, have sponsored for the last couple of years. They engaged your aforementioned votes, in fact, to defend their claim upon a former chapter of the Covenant of the Setting Son just a week ago. It seems that they did not spend this last winter entirely idle or focused on covenant-building concerns. They have brought to us news out of the Utah Territory that, should it become public, would, I fear, cause great consternation among the mundane government and not insignificant tensions between them and our Order.

It is widely known that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, colloquially called “mormons”, wield remarkable power over the Utah territory. They call it “Deseret”, after their mythology, and they control the territorial militia, called the “Nauvoo Legion” after the town in Illinois where they once lived and where their supposed prophet was slain. We at the American Embassy were aware of five Wizard’s Marched individuals who had sought sanctuary among the Mormons, particularly by joining service with the Nauvoo Legion. It seems that in investigating these criminals, our Hoplites discovered something far more disturbing.

It would appear that the twenty-seventh wife of the Mormon patriarch and effective “king” of Utah, Mr. Brigham Young, Mrs. Lavinia Young, was once Ms. Lavinia Ross of House Bonisagus. She converted to Mormonism and married Mr. Young in Illinois, traveling with him and the mass migration of his parishioners, to the Utah territory where she has ceased to participate in Hermetic political affairs. She would be easily overlooked but for one problem: She has apparently been training apprentices, and not in insignificant numbers. These apprentices are taught some bastardized version of Hermetic Theory that incorporates Mormon so-called theology. These apprentices may not have sworn the Oath or know of the Code. They have certainly not been Gauntleted or granted their sigil. She is creating a schismatic group of religious fanatics who wield Hermetic magic.

The one saving grace is the relative rarity of the Gift in the general population, but the Mormon obsession with breeding may result in this problem becoming dramatically worse in a relatively brief period of time.

And so, we have an unknown number of schismatic Bonisagus magi granting asylum and sanctuary to any Wizard’s Marched magus willing to renounce the Order and convert to Mormonism.

These magi have already shown their worth in the conclusion of the Black Hawk War, which ended in armistice just over a year ago. The sporadic and now quite-suspicious inability for ordinary Hermetic covenants to gain a foothold in the Utah Territory may also reflect converts or concealed Hermetic crimes.

The Hoplites have traveled to Utah and I anticipate regular reports as they learn more. I merely wished to reach out to you with the situation so that you will not be surprised should there be a formal request for military aid to put down these renegades, preferably quietly, for the good of both the Order and the US Federal Government.

With Affection,

Ms. Violet McGowan, House Bonisagus
American Embassy of the Order of Hermes

A Fair Point Fairly Taken


To the Honorable Covenant Council
Sunset Gate Covenant

As the magus most directly involved in the recently concluded investigation by a team of Hoplites under the command of Ms. Elisavet Whalen, I feel I should lend my perspective to your deliberations as to the re-organization and enhanced security methods of our covenant.

It would seem that these Hoplites presented themselves to me under misleading pretenses, but considering their eventual discoveries, their caution was commendable. It seems they were seeking a particularly cunning trio of gentle-gifted gentlemen, the wanted members of the Fair Point Covenant of Mississippi. They had reason to believe these criminals were hiding under our noses in San Francisco, and wished to avoid alerting their quarry to their true objective.

It would seem that these criminals had been operating with the aid of various Oriental spirits under the command of Mr. Bao Zhu’s eldest daughter, a trained Chinese sorceress whose mere existence was of some embarrassment to Mr. Bao. This may well be why he never mentioned her to us. It seems that she is something of an outcast among her tradition, and so saw the benefits of allying with outcasts of our tradition.

She proved herself most cunning, however, and rather than standing in opposition to the Hoplites, she approached them and negotiated an arrangement. I’m given to believe the negotiations themselves were fraught with cultural and magical misunderstandings, but ultimately she agreed to accept the protection of the Order of Hermes, joining our great society, and in so doing supplanting her father who has always held himself aloof from us. Upon acceptance of her petition to join, she revealed that the criminals of the Fair Point Covenant were living and working as covenfolk for us.

Imagine my shock to discover that our finest lawyer/accountant was, in fact, Mr. Micah Wright, a former quaesitor, and that one of our trade factors was Mr. William Fairbanks, a former Bonisagus. The Hoplites and I, with a few trusted helpers, apprehended Mr. Wright. The Hoplites themselves hunted down Mr. Fairbanks in our city’s sewers before he could alert his fellows. We then set a trap for the third, Mr. Henry Duvall, who was one of our traveling negotiators, to be sprung upon his return to the city.

Having apprehended these criminals who had infiltrated our very covenant and who had, among them, embezzled significant funds and assets for their private use, I brokered talks between the Hoplites and a representative of the Covenant Council to ensure that no collateral legal sanctions fall upon us for inadvertently harboring such criminals. The Hoplites kindly acknowledged our claim to the property embezzled by the criminals rather than seizing it as their due. In exchange, of course, we paid them handsomely in vis and promised favors.

Although we reached an equitable arrangement with them, they are engaged in a rather high-profile dispute with the Covenant of the Setting Son, our chief ally in the Tribunal when it comes to our aim of forming a Pacific Coast Tribunal. This may cause some tensions if our votes should be called upon by two masters. I leave such considerations to your wise and esteemed selves.

Very Truly Yours,

Eliza Coventry
House Jerbiton
Sunset Gate Covenant

The Tiger with Five Tails


Ms. W~:

Those hoplites you mentioned arrived the other night. They quite cleverly opted to send only two of their number to pay a call upon me, ensuring that those of my covenant-mates inclined to report their movements to Setting Son would underestimate their commitment to their San Francisco investigations. Unfortunately, the other half of their number were not merely waiting somewhere but engaged in active investigation in our local Chinatown which threatened the fragile peaceful arrangements we have negotiated with the local Daoist wizard Bao Zhu.

Fortunately, despite coming to the attention of a Buddhist monk named Xiao-Lin who is, in reality, a monstrous spirit-tiger with five tails, and despite chasing Mr. Bao Zhu’s young daughter through the streets, they managed to placate the angry Oriental gentleman and our accord has held.

I have maintained the polite fiction that they are seeking members of the Brotherhood of Broken Chains. You have been rather close-lipped as to their true objective, but I will exercise patience and trust and hope that they accomplish their aims quickly.


Eliza Coventry
House Jerbiton
Sunset Gate Covenant

San Francisco Bound


Ms. W~

You made some slight inquiries into whether I could cast any light on the progress of certain agents of ours in apprehending other certain individuals presumed to be on the West Coast. From what I can tell, they have spent much of the past few months cleaning up the loose ends left by Mr. Waldorf, and converting the spoils of their endeavors into further power and capability. Mr. W~ and Mr. T~ have both engaged the services of members of House Verditius, while Mr. T~ contacted my own self to inquire into joining House Mercere’s network of augmentation specialists. I provided him suitable texts for the corpus-based ritual effects along with the usual caveats and contractual obligations. If he is truly capable of learning and casting these ninth-magnitude rituals, he has come a long way indeed.

I know you were concerned when Ms. EW~ wrote to you asking for more objectives, but I believe your intuitions were correct in this regard. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were engaged in activities in or near San Francisco, and merely wanted to muddy the waters for Setting Son, should their spies seek to act on their absence from Round Lake. Also, considering the turbulent political situation between the Sunset Gate covenant of San Francisco and we here on the East Coast, I can see why they might have wished to misdirect as much as possible.

In any event, sending them word about the Brotherhood of Broken Chains was inspired. I anticipate being most pleased at how they choose to utilize that information.


Your Name is Famous, Oh Porcelein Empress, and I prostrate myself before you.

Your thread was cut. He Who Dances to Bells has been destroyed by the magic of an interloper. I do not know of this interloper, but I saw three others watching one of the Houses we have been asked to watch. I do not know why our Mistress chooses to send us on the White Devil’s errands, but I can only obey.

I am who I am, however, and one of these spies saw me and treated me with due deference and respect. He brought an offering of fish and milk and in exchange I am bound to speak of him no more. In any event, he and his companions were no longer there when I returned, nor is their smell anywhere about the city.

If not for the destruction of He Who Dances to Bells, I would not have brought it up at all, but if our Brother’s demise is connected to these other strangers, I felt I could not but dance upon the edge of my obligations for the good of your Court.

Be Well, Oh Empress, and may Your Terrible Gaze seek others to punish for your son’s demise.


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